sesa sterlite


Community Impact

A few months of training is all it took for Kailash to go from ploughing his field on his bullock-cart to ferrying plant workers in a shuttle bus
Fresh out of college in 1997, Sumathi started with us as a GET in the electrical department. She is now GM- Health, Safety and Environment.
A working case of Sustainable Environmental Management by Skorpion Zinc: The Bird Pond

Nand Ghar- Building a new India

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Share and ADR Price

Proforma FY15 Highlights

  • Revenue of Rs. 73,364 Crore
  • EBITDA of Rs.22,226 crore
  • Free Cash Flow post capex of  Rs.3,425 crore

  • Contribution to India's Exchequer of Rs. 27,900 crore 
  • Total dividend  Rs. 4.1 per share