Sustainable Development And Community

Vedanta invested INR 110 crores, to benefit 2.2mn million people in India-Africa in FY 2016-17

Businesses flourish, grow and evolve within communities, so corporates have a core responsibility to contribute substantially to the welfare of the community that has supported them to grow and prosper. This philosophy towards sustainable development is derived from Mr. Anil Agarwal, the founder and Chairman of Vedanta, who has instilled sustainability in the DNA of the company.

To Commit, Connect and Care:

Governance and Sustainable Development are at the core of Vedanta's strategy and we provide a platform to promote equal opportunities, with a focus on education, healthcare and women empowerment.

The approach to community development is holistic, long term, integrated and sustainable. The community engagement process, alongside baseline studies and needs assessments, is embedded in the organization through the Sustainability Framework which is aligned to international standards like IFC, ICMM and OECD guidelines.

The Vedanta Sustainability Assurance Program (VSAP) is used to monitor the effectiveness of sustainability framework implementation at a group level.

We positively impact livelihoods, through healthcare, education and skill development platforms, drawing on the company’s ‘Social License to Operate’. The company demonstrates world-class standards of governance, safety, sustainability and social responsibility, with a strong commitment to People, Planet & Prosperity. Our key programmes are the ones in which we support local governments; In 2015-16, the company partnered with over 200 NGOs, schools, academic and government bodies to provide platforms promoting education, livelihood, healthcare, women empowerment and biodiversity conservation.

The company’s Sustainable Development Model benchmarks global best practice and helps us to uphold the consistency in the community investment approach. The approach draws from UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and at the same time aligns with the development agenda of the country and resonates with Vedanta’s core values of trust, entrepreneurship innovation, excellence, integrity, respect and care, and aligns with the development agenda of India.