Digital-Driven Businesses

Our digital-first approach improves recovery, optimises production, enhances safety, and maximises productivity.


Vedanta’s digital-first approach and keen focus on advanced technologies has resulted in improved processes and enhanced collaborations across its business units. Smart Analytical Dashboard, Power BI, and Power App provide easy access to information for effective decision making. Vedanta has also strengthened cybersecurity with multi-factor authentication, VPN, cloud proxy, Data Leakage Prevention tool, and Azure Information Protection implementation.

In addition to these initiatives at the Group level, each of Vedanta's businesses has embarked on their own transformational journey towards digitalisation and innovation.


Virtual Covid Marshal

Vedanta Aluminium has put in place the Virtual Covid Marshal, a master dashboard for all SOP compliances including mask detection, social distancing violations or lack of cleaning and disinfection. Any violation is captured on a real-time basis for which notifications are sent out. Compliance summary is generated at the click of a single button. The AI-based tool tracks compliance across locations.

Leveraging Technology to Drive Effeciency

Vedanta's Aluminium business and General Electric (GE) have signed an agreement to implement GE's Digital Smelter solutions at its largest smelter in India at Jharsuguda to significantly increase its operational efficiency and productivity. A first-of-its-kind deployment in any aluminium plant in India, the digital twin technology is part of Vedanta's long-term commitment to digital transformation. Together with advanced analytics, this technology is expected to substantially reduce specific power consumption at the smelter. Typically, a one percent reduction in specific power consumption effected by digital smelter solutions can save about US$4-5 million annually in the smelter potlines alone, for every one million tonne of aluminium produced annually. In addition, this digital solution is expected to improve raw material utilisation, increase smelter pot life, enhance operational efficiency, maximise safety and reduce wastage, thereby delivering best-in-class performance outcomes and significant cost savings.

Bauxite Control Tower

The Bauxite Control Tower Project at Vedanta Lanjigarh focuses on the end-to-end bauxite supply chain. Solution will be complete in all aspects to plan, manage and control the bauxite supply and demand of the plant. The solution has been implemented in the modules of Planning, Procurement, Logistics, Port Operations, Inventory Management, Quality Management, and Finance.

The Business Benefits of this Project Include

  • Planning, tracking, monitoring procurement, finance of complete bauxite logistics
  • Track inventory, quality & quantity at all locations
  • Analytical dashboards & reports
  • Faster decision making with complete visibility of cost, quantity & quality at various stages
  • FOIS Integration & streamlining of processes

Collaboration Center

Hindustan Zinc Ltd. launched a collaboration center, which can be termed as one of the world's best Internet of things (IoT) setups in the mining industry. The Centre has infused data-driven decision-making across our operations, and this step goes a long way in nurturing an ecosystem where the operations team, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Data Scientists, and Senior Management collaborate seamlessly towards meaningful outcomes.

Digital Transformation at Gamsberg

Zinc International's Fragmentation project at Gamsberg entails real-time rock-size measurements from the mining trucks and conveyors. This initiative provides insights into the mining blasting design compliance, crusher performance and mill feed particle sizes. This allows Gamsberg to make better proactive decisions to reduce downtime and improve recovery.


Project Nirmaan

Vedanta's Cairn Oil & Gas is a pioneer in adopting digital technology in this industry. Under its flagship initiative, Project Nirmaan, Cairn works on digitalisation initiatives on identified and strategic imperatives such as Asset Integrity & Reliability, Decline Management, Business Process Improvement, and more.

Predictive Analysis

Cairn has been implementing predictive analytics to improve reliability and integrity of surface assets. Optimized Workover Rig Scheduling, Production Enhancement using Machine Learning, and Exception Based Surveillance on jet pumps, ESP and facilities are helping the company achieve its business objectives. Integrated availability of information is fundamental for any analytical model development and that becomes a differentiator. Hence, Cairn has implemented cloud-based Digital Oil Fields for data collection, storage, and management.


Innovation at VAB Met Coke

The Value-Added-Business team has come up with the idea of modifying discharge end liners for better water drainage. Liner gaps in the tilting table increased to 20-25mm from 10mm for proper water drainage to a settling pond instead of a wharf which is loaded with coke all the time. The team has installed a quick response pneumatic valve in place of electrically operated valve for efficient quenching of full coke mass and eliminating hot coke to minimise manual coke quenching. Also, operational discipline has been put in place to clean the tilting table and discharge end liner gaps periodically.


V-Enable Portal

This integrated web solution can be used to manage meetings and HR related activities. It consist of Meeting Manager (which can be used to efficiently manage the invites, documents, and the actions from any meeting), ABCD (A tool to better track the KPI of the employees at a monthly basis and track the performance of the employees at monthly level), HR-Onboarding to better manage the onboarding process and experience of new prospective employees.

Customer Engagement

Covering the aspects of customer ease and delight, ESL has implemented customer portals for automatic SAP customer master creation, automatic SAP customer master modification, and customer sales queries, complaints, and feedback, directly populated in the SAP database that can be used for further analytical reporting. This initiative has established customer connect and resulted in better customer management.


Digital Transformation in CSR

Sterlite Copper has implemented a digital initiative to regularise clean water supply to the communities around plant premises. The innovation, designed with no manual intervention, makes use of QR code scanning technology to manage the process by tracking and monitoring the water supply to community beneficiaries.

AO War Room Dashboards VIA MII

Tracking of key operating parameters, MTTR, MTBF for critical equipment, PMI compliance via real time Digital Dashboards in MII. This has resulted in reduction of turn-around time in data retrieval, and enhanced asset optimisation score.


Advanced Pattern Recognition-Fleet Monitor

Fleet Monitor works with time-series data of process signals. It reads and writes this data from and to the PI System, but in most cases, the DCS data acquisition systems originally collect the data. While a DCS also monitors the process signals and acts whenever an individual signal violates pre-set limits. Fleet Monitor, however, would signal slight changes in process or machine behaviour at a very early stage, to trigger an analysis of the process, which in turn could initiate maintenance actions. Fleet Monitor explicitly does not have to react in “real time”.

Subtracting actual measured signal values from predicted signal values results in the so-called “residual” value. An important property of the residuals is that the upper and lower residual limits (thresholds) will move along with the rise and fall of the related signal values according to the respective process situation. This monitoring approach is much more sensitive than a DCS alarm value.

Success Stories

Unit-1 PA Fan-B blade pitch position

EWS predicted failure 26 hours before the actual planned shutdown. This led to savings of around 2.5 million units. Also considering unit trip on PA header pressure low, the system reduces any chance of unplanned outages.

Unit-2 APH-A Guide Bearing Temp

EWS predicted anomalies 9.5 hours before, came to notice, attended by BMD. As it was planned, it took comparatively less time to carry out the job, than it would've been if it was unplanned outage of APH

Acoustic steam leak detection system

In order to detect early and accurate leakage, thirty acoustic sensors have been installed at different elevations of Boiler which detect the tube leakage and relevant signal fetch at ASLD system.

  • Planning, tracking, monitoring procurement, finance of complete bauxite logistics
  • Stress from pipes expanding or contracting due to the heat of the steam.
  • Threaded components that have loosened due to that stress.
  • Deterioration of gaskets.