Stepping Towards a Better Tomorrow

Operating responsibly and ethically to leave a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

Description Date Format
HSE Jun 2022
Energy & Carbon Jul 2022
Water Management Jul 2022
Biodiversity Policy Jul 2022
Social Jul 2022
Human Rights Policy Jul 2022
HIV/AIDS Jul 2022
Supplier & Contractor Sustainability Management Jul 2022
Indigenous Peoples/Vulnerable Tribal Group (IP/VTG) Policy Jun 2022
Description Format
Work at Height
Isolation standard
Electrical Safety
Confined Space Entry
Vehicle and Driving
Ground Control - Underground Mines
Cranes and Lifting
Machine Guarding
Pit Stockpile and Waste dump stability
Molten Metal
Rail Safety
Emergency response Fire prevention and Management
Blasting and Explosives
Inflow and Inundation of liquids
Shaft and Hoisting
Lifts Safety Standard
Description Format
Cultural Heritage
Employee Consultation & Participation
Land and Resettlement Management
Grievance Mechanisms
Stakeholder Engagement
Supplier & Contractor Management
Biodiversity Management
Conducting ESIA to International Standards
Resource Use and Waste Management
Safety Management
Environmental Management
Occupational Health Management
Emergecy & Crisis Management
Water Management
Security Management
Energy and Carbon Management
Site Closure
Transportation & Logistics
Social Investment Management
HIV/AIDS Management
Indigenous Peoples/ Vulnerable Tribal Groups
Contaminated Site
Description Format
Tailing Management Standard - Jan17
GIIP in Tailing Dam Siting
Geotechnical Investigation
Roles and responsibilty of Engineer of Record
Tailing Management Plan
Internal Audit Checklist format
Description Format
Energy and Carbon Management Standard
ESIA Standard
Waste Management Standard
Water Management Standard
Description Format
External Stakeholder Engagement
Grievance Mechanisms
Description Format
Leadership, Responsibility and Resources
Stakeholder Materiality and Risk Management
New Projects, Planning Processes and Site Closure
Compliance and Other Requirements
Objectives, Targets, and Performance Improvement
Competency, Training and Awareness
Management of Change
Acquisitions, Divestment, and Joint Ventures Due Diligence
Documentation & Records Management
Performance Monitoring, Data Management, and Reporting
Incident Reporting, Classification and Investigation
Auditing and Assurance
Corrective and Preventive Management Action Management
Management Review & Continual Improvement
Description Format
Indigenous Peoples/ Vulnerable Tribal Groups
Incident Investigation
Hazardous Materials Management
Land Acquisition and Resettlement Management
Biodiversity Management
Tailing Management Facilities
Risk Assessment
Human Rights
Waste Management
Containment site management
Conducting ESIA to International Standards
Cranes and Lifting
Machinery Guarding
Scaffolding Safety
Lock Out - Tag Out
Work at Height
Fleet Management
Underground Emergency response Fire prevention and management
Explosives and Blasting
Hoisting and Shaft Management
Prevention of Inrush
Fall of Ground
External Stakeholder Engagement
Grievance Mechanisms