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Investor Relations

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All the Share Transfer and Dividend Payment Requests and Investors Related queries, the shareholders can directly contact our Registrar and Transfer Agent

Note: Members can download the mobile application of KFin - KPRISM or visit, for availing host of services viz., consolidated portfolio view serviced by KFin, Dividends status and send requests for change of Address, change / update Bank Mandate.

Through the Mobile app, members can download Annual reports, standard forms and keep track of upcoming General Meetings, IPO allotment status and dividend disbursements. The mobile application is available for download from Android Play Store.

Investor Relations

Ms. Prerna Halwasiya

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Deputy Head Investor Relations
Sustainability Related Matters

Mr. Rajinder Ahuja

Group Head HSE & Sustainability
Queries and update on ADS issued by the Company

Indian Custodian for ADS

Citibank N.A. Custody Services
Queries and update on ADS issued by the Company

Overseas Custodian for ADS

Citi- Depositary Receipt Services