One of the world’s foremost natural resources conglomerates

We are leaders in most of the segments we operate in, having global presence with strategic operations in India, South Africa and Namibia. We are committed to creating long term value for our shareholders, with an unwavering focus on business, social and environmental sustainability.

investor relations overview

Investment Case

Vedanta is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable value


World-class natural resources powerhouse with low cost, long-life and diversified asset base


Well placed to contribute to and capitalise on India’s growth and benefit through the cycle with attractive commodity mix


Proven track record of operational excellence with high productivity and consistent utilisation rates


Focused on digitalisation and innovation to drive efficiency and resilience


Disciplined capital allocation framework with emphasis on superior and consistent shareholder returns


Robust financial profile with improving ROCE, increasing cash flow and a stronger balance sheet


Committed to ESG leadership in the natural resources sector

Results and Reports

Financial Results Annual Report Subsidiary Financials
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Description Year position Format
Notice of Results 3 Q1FY24
Production Release 3 Q1FY24
Earnings Release 3 Q1FY24
Earnings Presentation 3 Q1FY24
Consolidated Financials 3 Q1FY24
Standalone Financials 3 Q1FY24
Call Transcript 3 Q1FY24
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 3 Q1FY24
Earning Release 3 Q1FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY23
Production Release 2 Q1FY23
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY23
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY23
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY23
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 9 Q1FY23
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY11
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY11
Earning Release 3 Q1FY13
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY13
Earning Release 3 Q1FY14
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY14
Earning Release 3 Q1FY15
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY15
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY15
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY15
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY15
Earning Release 3 Q1FY16
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY16
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY16
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY16
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY16
Earning Release 3 Q1FY17
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY17
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY17
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY17
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY17
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY17
Earning Release 3 Q1FY18
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY18
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY18
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY18
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY18
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY18
Earning Release 3 Q1FY19
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY19
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY19
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY19
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY19
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY19
Earning Release 3 Q1FY20
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY20
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY20
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY20
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY20
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY20
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY21
Production Release 2 Q1FY21
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY21
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY21
Earning Release 3 Q1FY22
Standalone Financials 6 Q1FY22
Production Release 2 Q1FY22
Consolidated Financials 5 Q1FY22
Earnings Presentations 4 Q1FY22
Call Transcript 8 Q1FY22
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 9 Q1FY22
Notice of Results 1 Q1FY22
Entity-wise P_L 7 Q1FY22
Description Year position Format
Notice of Results 3 Q2FY24
Production Release 3 Q2FY24
Call Transcript 7 Q2FY23
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 8 Q2FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY11
Production Release 2 Q2FY11
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY11
Earning Release 3 Q2FY13
Production Release 2 Q2FY13
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY13
Earning Release 3 Q2FY14
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY14
Production Release 2 Q2FY14
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY14
Earning Release 3 Q2FY15
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY15
Production Release 2 Q2FY15
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY15
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY15
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY15
Earning Release 3 Q2FY16
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY16
Production Release 2 Q2FY16
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY16
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY16
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY16
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY16
Earning Release 3 Q2FY17
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY17
Production Release 2 Q2FY17
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY17
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY17
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY17
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY17
Earning Release 3 Q2FY18
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY18
Production Release 2 Q2FY18
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY18
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY18
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY18
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY18
Earning Release 3 Q2FY19
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY19
Production Release 2 Q2FY19
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY19
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY19
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY19
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY19
Earning Release 3 Q2FY20
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY20
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY20
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY20
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY20
Notice Of Results 1 Q2FY20
Earning Release 3 Q2FY21
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY21
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY21
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY21
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY21
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY21
Earning Release 3 Q2FY22
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY22
Production Release 2 Q2FY22
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY22
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY22
Call Transcript 8 Q2FY22
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 9 Q2FY22
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY22
Entity-wise P_L 7 Q2FY22
Notice of Results 1 Q2FY23
Production Release 2 Q2FY23
Earning Release 3 Q2FY23
Earnings Presentations 4 Q2FY23
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY23
Earnings Release 3 Q2FY24
Earnings Presentation 4 Q2FY24
Consolidated Financials 5 Q2FY24
Standalone Financials 6 Q2FY24
Call Transcript 6 Q2FY24
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 6 Q2FY24
Description Year position Format
Notice of Results 6 Q3FY24
Production Release 6 Q3FY24
Earnings Release 6 Q3FY24
Earnings Presentation 6 Q3FY24
Consolidated Financials 6 Q3FY24
Standalone Financials 6 Q3FY24
Call Transcript 6 Q3FY24
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 6 Q3FY24
Notice of Results 6 Q3FY23
Production Release 6 Q3FY23
Earning Release 6 Q3FY23
Earnings Presentations 6 Q3FY23
Consolidated Financials 6 Q3FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q3FY23
Call Transcript 6 Q3FY23
Webcast / Audio Playbacks 6 Q3FY23
Standalone Financials 6 Q3FY11
Consolidated Financials 5 Q3FY11